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Ecocoms represents an alternative economic system to the unlimited capitalism where the goal of companies is to maximize their profit at any cost (destruction of the environment, exploitation of their workers, damage to the health of its customers).

Ecocoms is a cooperative of registered companies which:
• are owned by its entrepreneurs, managers and stuff, not by investors.
• are either debt-free or just have interest-free debt.
• are not forced to make profit.
• do care about the environment.
• are fair to their workers (fair wages and good working conditions, profit share).
• do not sell unhealthy products to its customers.

Entrepreneur, company manager
If these points are compatible with your company, you are welcome to register your company with Ecocoms now.

It is not necessary that the company can comply with these points at the time of registration, they will be continuously implemented after registration.
Alternative corporate finance:
• No repayment obligation that can lead to bankruptcy, repayment only at income (25%) and profit sharing only at profit (25%).
• No interest-bearing debts or dividend-demanding investors;

Capital provider
If you want to financially support companies that comply with these points, please register now!
However, direct participation is not possible, only through cooperative shares.
Capital providers are conform to the
spiritual rules

Why is it so important that the company has no interest demanding debt
A free market just works in a shortage market where there is a shortage of products or services.
In a saturated free market with a surplus of products or services the company profits tend to 0.
A company which makes no profit is not able to pay interest.
That means if it has interest demanding debt it will go bankrupt.
At banking crises the debt will become due. Because the company cannot repay it will be seized by the banks. See also very high inflation

If you no longer want to accept that a small profit-greedy group is destroying our planet, please support Ecocoms in its efforts.

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